Helping Women Recover: A Program for Treating Addiction (Community Version)

“Stephanie Covington has designed a system that specifically addresses women's issues and captures the essence of females with addictive diseases. Helping Women Recover is a nurturing curriculum that helps women identify addictive behaviors in themselves, while providing alternatives that give them hope and confidence that they can have a life worth living without mind altering drugs."

Brenda Allen, LCSW, PIP
Human Resources Development Institute (HRDI) Alabama

“Helping Women Recover is vital to our work with the chemically dependent female — and there is no one who understands gender‐specific work better than Stephanie Covington!”

Claudia Black
Author, It Will Never Happen to Me

“This manual is an invaluable tool to any program serving women who are seeking recovery from problems related to alcohol and or substance use. The curriculum is designed to be facilitated by trained, caring individuals to assist women in reclaiming their lives with dignity and self‐respect. The history section is a marvelous chronology that every professional working in this field should study.”

Susan B. Blacksher, MSW, CAS II
Executive Director, California Association of Addiction Recovery Resources (CAARR)
Sacramento, CA

“A well‐written, thorough, eminently practical, and wise curriculum for all women – therapists and client, teachers and students. She combines a deep understanding of female psychology with the realities of male‐ oriented culture to create a supportive model that emphasizes positive self‐exploration and discovery. Covington provides a detailed teaching map – what to say, when, and why. Novice and experienced counselors can run with this outstanding plan. Underlying the text is the assurance that the author understands women, what safety means to them, how important it is as a base for healing, and how to achieve it.”

Stephanie Brown, Ph.D.
Director of the Addictions Institute
Menlo Park, CA

“Helping Women Recover gives the helping professional clear, step‐by‐step guidelines for facilitating dynamic, multi‐sensory groups that help women process issues that are intrinsic to their psychology and socialization. It is an indispensable tool for anyone working with women in recovery.”

Liliane Drago, MA, CASAC
Vice President, National Training Director,
Phoenix House Foundation, NY

“An exciting curriculum for women in which the facilitator is given clear and detailed instructions. It would be a healing and revealing experience to participate in these sessions.”

Anne Geller, M.D.
Associate Professor of Clinical Medicine, Columbia University,
American Society of Addiction Medicine
Past President

“An excellent tool for integrating women’s issues with relapse prevention therapy. Helping Women Recover is practical and easy to use and helps guide clinicians to work on the deeper recovery issues with addicted women.”

Terence T. Gorski
Founder, Clinical Director,
National Relapse Prevention Certification School

“Dr. Stephanie Covington is a pioneer in the field of women and addiction. Dr. Covington is one of the few individuals in the field who has challenged the complexity of women’s addiction problem effectively. Her original curriculum, Helping Women Recover, has been used extensively in correctional and treatment settings, and its revision and update is most welcome. Most importantly, however, is that the strength of this curriculum persists, in the comprehensive content (both emotional and “practical”), the exercises, and the training for facilitators. It is a demanding curriculum and that is another strength – demanding for participants because they have to go places where they may not have gone before, and for the facilitators, because they have to be willing to make the journey themselves in order to facilitate others. But it is this that makes it so effective and powerful.”

Nancy Jainchill
Director, Center for Therapeutic Community Research National Development & Research Institutes
New York, NY

“In this edition, Dr. Covington provides us with updated research and theory as the framework for this easy‐ to‐use, comprehensive, and trauma‐informed treatment program. The detailed exercises cover a broad range of issues related to women’s recovery. Her knowledge and understanding of women are reflected in every page." 

Lisa M. Najavits, Ph.D.
Professor of Psychiatry, Boston University School of Medicine

“A clear and comprehensive guide. Covington provides addiction professionals with a precise and detailed curriculum based on her knowledge, caring, and years of experience addressing the special needs of addicted women.”

Monessa Overby
Vice President, Clinical Services, Betty Ford Center

“Covington has written comprehensive, practical and extraordinarily valuable guides for anyone involved in creating, implementing, or facilitating women’s treatment programs. The work is grounded in Covington’s impressive range of experience and her deep appreciation for the essential components of women’s recovery process.”

Janet L. Surrey, Ph.D.
Founding Scholar,
Jean Baker Miller Training Institute, Stone Center, Wellesley College

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