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Voices: A Program of Self-Discovery and Empowerment for Girls: Second Edition

Facilitator’s Guide and Participant’s Journal

voices second editionThe 2nd edition of VOICES will be coming out in May 2017. Below are some of the updates and additions to the program.

Addresses current challenges in girls’ lives:

  • Girls and bullying
  • Pressures of social media
  • Early puberty
  • Gender exploration
  • Human sex trafficking
  • Binge drinking

Additional information on:

  • Adverse childhood experiences (ACE)
  • Process of trauma and its effects on the mind and body
  • Developmental trauma disorder
  • Trauma-Informed Effective Reinforcement System for Girls (TIER)
  • Trauma-sensitive yoga exercises

We have revised the current sessions and re-ordered some items. Because of that, when leading groups you will need the same edition of facilitator guide and workbooks. So you can’t use the 1st edition Facilitator Guide to lead groups when the girls have the 2nd edition workbooks. 1st edition workbooks will continue to be sold until the publisher runs out of their current stock.

VOICES 2nd edition is only currently available in English. If you would like to pre-order the 2nd edition now, we will ship in May 2017.

Items in Engish

Pre-order: Facilitator's Guide Second Edition (includes one journal) $95.00
Pre-order: Journal Second Edition $11.50

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