Voices: A Program of Self-Discovery and Empowerment for Girls

"Voices" continues the Covington tradition in providing cutting edge treatment for girls and young women, one of our most neglected treatment populations. With an emphasis on the developing self, "Voices" guides the group through an understanding of the developing self and the centrality of connection to the lives of girls and young women.

Dr. Covington skillfully combines the best theoretical research with a hands-on approach that builds the group process and creates an arena of both safety and celebration for the participants. In tying feelings to journaling and subsequent behaviors, this approach shows how past experience and present circumstances can be used therapeutically to build a hopeful future.

By targeting the pathways to female drug use, and pushing forward the key concept of gender-responsiveness, "Voices," makes yet another valuable contribution to the treatment world."

Barbara Owen, Ph.D.
Professor of Criminology
California State University, Fresno

“Grounded in the real world of girls’ experience, Stephanie Covington’s groundbreaking VOICES acknowledges and celebrates the realities of girls’ lives. It resonates with the important work of Carol Gilligan and Mary Pipher in that it encourages girls to find their voices and share their diverse life experiences with each other.”

Barbara E. Bloom, Ph.D.
Department of Criminal Justice Administration Sonoma State University, CA

“What we’ve been waiting for! A truly helpful, timely and relevant curriculum....a treasure for girls of all ages and those who are committed to working with them, teachers, counselors, community workers, parents....original, wise, and tremendously valuable resource for supporting and empowering girls of all ages in a variety of settings....from treatment centers to schools....based on sound theory and research and a wealth of experience and expertise in the psychology of women, substance abuse and group programs....”

Janet Surrey, Ph.D.
Founding Scholar
Jean Baker Miller Training Institute Stone Center
Wellesley College

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